This web site and video project came from a simple idea of “I Believe” . After 6 months of thinking about it ,I decided to book the movie studio for Saturday September 18 2010. Little did I know that was the “Day of Atonement” the Jewish feast. All of a sudden there was a clear picture of the direction of the project. Now it was to declare to the world “I believe in Jesus” on the “Day of atonement”(which is the day the Jewish priest covered the sin of the people of Israel for another year). Jesus is now that one time sacrifice for our sin. 2000 years ago the Jews rejected his claim to be their Messiah. It was unbelief in him that allowed Salvation to come to the Gentiles . Romans 11:11-24 We believe in what the Jews didn't believe in (but soon they will believe) This is what we are declaring to the world.